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Associació Balear d´Esclerosi Múltiple

Passeig de Marratxí, 15
Palma de Mallorca
07008 Illes Balears
Tel. + 34 971229388
Fax. + 34 971229399
Contact person:
Nicolás Terrassa
The main objective of ABDEM is to help improve the personal autonomy and life quality of people who suffers from multiple sclerosis. At the same time, the institution is working to raise awareness in the community about the physical, psychological and social consequences of the disease. ABDEM works in the following fields: Psychological and social support for people who suffer from multiple sclerosis and for their relatives and carers; Rehabilitation; Neuro-Rehabilitation; Training; Research; Social awareness and Dissemination. The Association has broad experience in working with people with disabilities, especially with those still in employment. Through this work, ABDEM has identified the need for the development of a training programme that will facilitate the integration of people with disabilities in the labour market.

Euskalduna, 11 – 1º dch.
48008 BILBAO
Tel. + 34944703670
Contact person:
Jaione Santos
INVESLAN is a consultancy company specialised in social and market research in different fields such as employment, gender equality, social inclusion and training. INVESLAN is experienced in the development of studies and surveys in these fields (especially at national level) and in the coordination and execution of projects at national and international level (mainly through the coordination and management of Leonardo da Vinci projects). During the last few years, INVESLAN has been particularly focused on innovative training methodologies such as e-learning and mobile learning and is working on the development of new learning environments.

Pontydysgu Ltd.

5 Courthouse Street CV371JW PONTYPRIDD
Tel. + 44144340030
Contact person:
Graham Attwell
Pontydysgu is a private Wales-based research institute specialised in research into innovation related to vocational education, training and learning and trans-national cooperation. The main focus of the organisation’s work is development and research in the development and use of ICT for learning in a European and transnational context. Pontydysgu has particular expertise in research and development into new forms of learning using ICT and in the use of ePortfolios and Personal Learning Environments for teaching and learning. Pontydysgu have participated in a number of European projects in this area.
National Scientific Research Institute For Labour And Social Protection Rumänien

Povernei 6-8, sector 1 010643 BUCAREST
Tel. + 40213124069
Contact person:
Liliana Grecu
INCSMPS develops research, development and innovation activities (in the framework of Romanian National Plan for RDI) intended to achieve the sectoral plans and programs in Romania. The main sectors of activity for INCSMPS are the labour market, lifelong learning, human resources management and social policies and research. The main beneficiaries of the activities of the institution are public institutions involved in the implementation of public policies in education, vocational training, trade unions, for people with disabilities, employers and employees, unemployed people and groups with special needs.
Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação - Consultadoria Empresarial e Fomento da Inovação, S.A.

Rua Júlio Dinis, 242,
2º, 208
Tel. + 351226076400
Contact person:
Ana Riberiro
Frederico Boas
Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI) is a multi-disciplinary international company founded in 1997 and dedicated to providing effective consulting through a variety of services that assist clients in promoting innovative thinking and international opportunities. The services provided by SPI can be grouped in three areas: Training, Consulting and Research and Development. SPI is accredited by the Institute for Quality in Training to provide a range of training activities. SPI has experience in using different training methodologies for varying target groups with innovative pedagogical approaches, including e-Learning.
Informācijas sistēmu menedžmenta augstskola - Information Systems Management Institute

Ludzas Str. 91
1003 RIGA
Tel. + 371/67100589
Fax. + 371/26529961
Contact person:
Marga Zivitere
The Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA) is a private higher education institution founded in 1994 on the former Riga Aviation University base. ISMA is well known in Latvia and abroad. ISMA offers education for Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees and provides Lifelong Learning programmes in business administration, entrepreneurship, information technologies and tourism management. ISMA organizes international conferences on Open Learning and Distance Education, Information Technologies and Management and on Student Practice. ISMA has coordinated and participated in EU projects focused on job opportunities for disadvantaged people and groups.
p&w praxis und wissenschaft projekt gmbh

Am Bachl 30
Tel. + 49841483515
Fax. + 49841483515
Contact person:
p&w praxis und wissenschaft projekt is a research organisation specialized in socio-economic and evaluation research. The organisation is also active in the field of educational development, including e-learning. p&w praxis und wissenschaft has coordinated several Leonardo da Vinci projects, including MAFF (Making Social agencies fit for the future), Lingua-In-City (Innovative Learning in the European City), ICOVET (Informal competencies and their validation) and ICONET (Informal Competences Net). p&w has also participated as a partner in several Leonardo da Vinci networks, research and pilot projects. p&w has considerable expertise in the development of curricula, training methods and materials, especially for disadvantaged target groups. p&w is also experienced in the development of ICT based scenarios, social software, portfolios , and Web and Computer Based Training.


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